As Lainey mentioned yesterday, Gwyneth is co-hosting a web-series for AOL. Obviously, I will watch. You will too, don’t lie.

To tease its line-up, AOL released a few clips, including close to 5 minutes of #CandidlyNicole, another web-series starring Nicole Richie.

I watched it twice. I liked it. I like her style (even though I don’t want to emulate it), I like the tone of her voice, I like her sense of timing and her self-depreciating humour. The clip is about a visit to the doctor to remove her tramp stamp, and at one point she says the tat is associated with a group she no longer wants to be a part of.

It’s pretty obvious who she is referring to.

But that’s what’s interesting about Nicole. She came out of the Ebola era of fame: she was one of the beneficiaries (even if unwittingly) of the rise of the Motherhood Industrial Complex (remember her DUI and subsequent pregnancy announcement?), she has a clothing line, is a judge on a reality show and now has a webseries based on her Twitter feed. This is not a stellar celebrity resume, but she is someone who’s bigger than the sum of her parts.

“It Girl” is thrown around constantly but rarely accurately, but Nicole, way past being a girl, has actually navigated the celebrity ecosystem with patience and a savviness that shows that there is life after “famous for being famous.”

And it’s not just me (and Lainey): Gwyneth herself has praised Nicole’s style. Nicole is also friends with properly famous people -- Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Meyer (wife of Tobey Maguire and daughter of Universal’s Ron Meyer), Christina Aguilera, and more. People want to be near her. People adore her. Fashion people adore her. Moms adore her. And she works consistently. Maybe she can give her BFF Alba a few tips?



Attached -- Nicole at the AOL presentation the other day.