I wish I had more bad things to say about Nicole Richie. In fact I wish I had many bad things to say about Nicole Richie. Because I like her so much. I like her style. I like everything she wears. I like her face. I like her hair. I like what she"s done with herself. I like that she likes Joel Madden. I like that she had baby Harlow. And maybe it"s this lack of objectivity but surely it"s impossible for someone to turn their life around like this, right? Surely there has to be something sinister and something smutty behind Nicole Richie"s comeback. No one can come back like this so wholeheartedly and so perfectly, right?

The thing is, there hasn’t really been anything smutty about Nicole Richie that’s come out. As in reliably smutty. She went to Coachella and nothing happened. She’s been out occasionally with Joel Madden at night and it’s been completely innocent. It really does look like Nichole has turned things around. I love that. But maybe I’m just not being objective enough.

Here"s Nicole this week at driving school. They were atoning for her little business where she drove backwards on a freeway. Looks cute, love the outfit, fresh face as always. And yes, my Gwynnie loves Nicole too.

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Photos from Flynet