I wrote about #CandidlyNicole when the preview came out – click here) for a refresher --- commenting then on how Nicole Richie makes all these things that we normally lament about modern celebrity – reality show and clothing lines and a strong social media presence – into a real career.

A reader called Larissa wrote in to ask why we aren’t talking about #CandidlyNicole – Larissa, I am! I’m obsessed with this web-series that, for a million reasons, shouldn’t work. But it does. Five minutes with Nicole is better than most network comedies.

Each episode has a different theme: in Homie Hopper, she talks slang with tweens. When she asks if they know who Shannen Doherty is, one responds, “the woman who does those weird college commercials”. Like a knife through the heart, youngster.

Nicole then gardens with Lionel on Father’s Day and tells him that he’s too aggressive with emojis. She takes dressing tips from RuPaul, counsels a stranger on getting blunt bangs (honestly I can’t with blunt bangs but Nicole could totally talk me into it), and she takes dance lessons with a choreographer (when she comes out in her “backup dancer” clothes they call her Justin Bieber) and takes her little sister to get her ears re-pierced.

But my favourite episode is a trip to the florist. She is inexplicably charming and sharp and witty here – I feel like she could carry a half-hour sitcom.

For me, Nicole Richie’s biggest asset is the lack of “want.” Maybe it’s because she grew up wealthy. Maybe she’s comfortable knowing that her tabloid days have peaked or maybe it’s because she didn’t start as an actress who by necessity became a step-and-repeat staple and mocktress. Whatever it is, it’s less about strategy (because how could anyone have predicated that Nicole would have such longevity?) and more about acceptance. Nicole is a celebrity of her time, and she’s seems perfectly content with that.

Click here to watch #CandidlyNicole.