Last night on Larry King, Lionel Richie, Nicole Richie… and Harlow made an appearance too. Because Nicole totally isn’t selling a range of accessories and baby clothes and mom clothes. Oh famewhores everywhere.

But Harlow looked like she loved the spotlight. She’s really, really, REALLY cute.

And Nicole is really, really, really poised. Very honest about her past, doesn’t give long extensive, detailed answers about it, but addresses it head on, doesn’t shy away from the subject, and makes no Lohan excuses. There’s a stillness about her, a calm, maybe it’s maturity, but I believe it. I believe when her dad says she turned her sh-t around. I believe that Nicole Richie is pulled together, and I especially want to believe that friendship f-ckery between her and the Ebola is over.

The interview is below. Nicole arrives at 7 minutes. Harlow the last 2 minutes. Nicole was also at Fleetwood Mac last night.

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