It is a fried rice day! Because I have been anointed! A lovely shout-out from the grand poobah of gossip himself, Ted Casablanca. Ted hearts me!

Dear Ted – I heart you back! Come to Vancouver for a visit and the real scoop on Twilight? Catch some crazy twi-hard fever? We’ll drop in on Robert Pattinson, just like Nikki Reed.

She came back yesterday and will start shooting her scenes soon. Here she is at the airport with a friend, an older man, and a teenaged boy.

Last night, Nikki and friend showed up at Rob’s, and Jackson Rathbone too, but no sign of Kristen, for a little jam session before bedtime. Oh Twi-hards…I know it’s what you all want. And I’d be so much more popular if I told you that Rob and Kristen could happen. But they only shot their first scene together last week, have only worked together 3 or 4 days on set, have spent very little time alone in Vancouver… it’s a total buzzkill, I’m sorry. Bella and Edward have not walked off the pages. In a few years? Perhaps.

For now though, we’re all about Nikki and friends with benefits. Ted and I agree on this – dating and f-cking are so not the same thing. Dating no. F-cking yes.

PS. A group of girls, everyday they’re downtown Vancouver wearing (thanks Emily!), all of them, the same hoodies that read: Looking 4 Robert Pattinson.

PPS. Thanks to all of you who sent over this link. As of press time, I am fine. Am touched by your concern.

PPPS. Hate mail to start off your weekend?

I have spent alot of time wondering how someone could be so vicious and cruel the way you have been with Rob and Kristen and Twilight fans. It made me angry but I did not want to be like the others who have written to you. I have realized that you do not deserve my anger but my pity. You must be rotting inside and I feel very sorry for you. I feel very sorry for you that you are not educated enough to appreciate certain things in life. If you could appreciate brilliant literature and the beautiful world Stephenie Meyer has created that has touched us all with the eternal love story between Bella and Edward it would be different for you. Life is more than gossip. Life is love. How silly of us “Twi-hards” to expect a gossip blogger to read. I wish you well even though you don’t wish us well.



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