Onscreen and off.

Nikki Reed worked an allnighter Friday shooting scenes for Twilight Eclipse with Jack Huston. Jack left Vancouver promptly the next day and perhaps for good. As I reported last week Vancouver is looking less and less attractive as a possible location for the fourth installment of the franchise in light of tax incentives being offered in other cities.

Offscreen of course Nikki has been attached for a few months now to Ebola Paris Hilton’s ex boyfriend Paris Latsis who has been in Vancouver almost the entire production. As you know, Ebola’s first Greek victim is obscenely rich. This apparently absolves him from having to find and maintain a job. Is this attractive? A wealthy unemployed aimless heir?

Eager to enjoy the sunshine (while it lasts), even though she’d been filming til dawn, Nikki went downtown to do some shopping on Saturday, hand in hand with her man who appears to have recently buzzed his head. Much better than this but that vaginal growth on his chin is a douche alert. Just like wearing Ed Hardy.

Their body language is intense, non?

A shame, really. She’s a nice girl, and beautiful, with great hamstrings (hamstrings are underrated), and has voluntarily allowed an Ebola strain to plant itself into her life. It can remain latent for years. And then it’s too late for regret.

Exclusive photos from PUNKD Images