Am all over Nikki Reed. Was all over her friends with benefits relationship with Robert Pattinson. But am definitely not all over her relationship with Paris Latsis.

How long does Ebola Infection last?

Some say it can last a lifetime.

Paris Latsis was once engaged to that piece of sh-t f-cking diseased Ebola Paris Hilton. She ended up moving on to another rich Greek boy Stavros.

In other words, not only did Paris Latsis voluntarily expose himself to its black hole vagina, he also suffered the indignity of getting dumped by that black hole vagina. Shame. And contamination.

And now Nikki Reed is dating it.

As Lafayette would say: Hooker, you need to check yourself.

I love Nikki Reed. She is better than this.

Here’s Nikki with Paris Latsis, carrier of the Ebola virus, heading to work in Vancouver for Eclipse, the third installment of the Twilight Saga.

As I already mentioned last week, both Nikki and Ashley Greene have associated themselves with men with connections to Ebola Hilton.

And of course you know the Rachelle Lefevre drama broke last week. Ebola is lethal. It will stop at nothing. It will eat away at everything it touches, even by association.

You want to throw daggers? Throw them in Ebola Hilton’s face.

It is the source of everything rotten, everything spoiled, everything sh-t.

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