Nina Agdal turned 25 years old yesterday. Page Six reports that she, Leonardo DiCaprio, and some of her friends flew to the Caribbean on Friday – on a private jet, obvs – to celebrate her birthday.

As you know, 25 is an important number in Leo’s love life. Not many of his girlfriends (not any?) have remained his girlfriend past 25. Perhaps it’s his romantic age of majority, when a girl becomes a woman and ceases to be interesting to him. The specifics of how that age of majority work, however, are unclear. Like does Nina have the entire year at 25? Is 25 OK but not 26? 26, after all, is really close to 30. And 30 is basically disgusting.

Or ….could Nina actually be the one of few to actually clear 25? And make it to 26. And inch ever closer to 30? How far past 25 can Nina take this relationship?

Attached - Leo and Nina out in LA earlier this month.