You know I love her a lot. She’s my girl. I cheer for her every chance I get. I tried to cheer for her Donna Karan dress at the Met Gala (yay Nina’s at the Met Gala!), I really did. But the thing about Nina is ...

It’s always just so loud, sparkly, ruffly, sequiney, bright, sheer. In other words, figure skating seems to be her go-to. This dress, with slight modifications, could compete in the Ice Dance. I swear Barbara Fusar-Poli probably wore something exactly like it with the tiny strap on one side.

Many of you have written already today to say that this was one of your favourites. I can see why. But Nina, she’s just 23. And, like, Goldie Hawn could have worn this to the Oscars, you know? Or Melanie Griffith.


Catherine Zeta-Jones.

That’s exactly who it is.

It’s Catherine Zeta-Jones.

And I’m just saying, Nina doesn’t need to be Catherine Zeta-Jones yet. She has so much time for that later.