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I know. I’m sorry. I deserved your yelling. It’s just...the articles that require a recounting of personal experience, I need to be super focused for those. And the last few days I’ve been working in studio and there’s so much sh-t happening here, I haven’t been able to escape it. Now it’s 7am at Duana’s, quiet, but for when she has to tell her puppy not to eat the cat food.

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder arrived separately but together at the MMVAs on Sunday. As in two separate limos, one right after the other. At first I was a little eyerolly. It’s a little extra. In fairness to Nina though, she flew in an hour before, or less, and there was a possibility she wouldn’t have made it at all, which is why she was picked up separately. The way they made it sound they practically handed her the dress and the shoes in the car.

Anyway, they walked the carpet together, and during an interview Ian said “Nina Dobrev is who I’m most excited to see”.

Danielle McGimsie and I hosted the etalk Lounge backstage. I’ve interviewed Nina a million times and we have a good vibe, so I was assigned to her, and Danielle happily had Ian. Nina came in first. We talked about coming home; we talked about the Perks of Being a Wallflower and what that was like and working with Emma Watson which I’m assuming you don’t want to know about because you’re just here to jizz about her relationship so I’ll spare you the details; we talked about the show and Elena and what’s happening to her and the kiss at the end; and I asked her straight up to her face if he was her boyfriend.

She knew it was coming because she knows what I do, and we played this game where I kept badgering – is that your boyfriend, are you dating your co-star, are you in love with Ian? – and she kept answering randomly like...

Oh the weather is so nice here in Toronto.

It’s always great to come home.

I’m so glad to be able to show my cast mates around the city.

It was cute and funny, made for good tv, and also the underlying message – you’re an idiot if you’re not getting it by now that they’re totally together.

Nina and I wrapped and we laughed about our little game and I told her I would ask her the same questions when I see her at Comic-Con in a few weeks and she was so sweet about saying goodbye to everyone (we’ve all seen her grow up, like, literally from Degrassi) including Dylan who has shot her probably over 20 times, and then she walked down the hall. Her first move?

“Where’s Ian???”

He started walking towards her. She did a little hop, almost like a skip, and floated towards him and he put his arms around her, and they kissed. It wasn’t like a tongue situation or anything, but it was mouth to mouth, more than two seconds but less than four. And, at least to those of us who saw, and, um, that corridor was packed, there was nothing “just friendly” about it.

After that Ian sat down with my colleague Danielle and gave her a great interview too. He was flirty and switched on his “charm” gear and touched her leg and some fans behind the stanchions starting hooting at him and of course he gave them his squint which...


This works for you?

I’m not sure it’s a good thing when a man squints and you can HEAR it:

“Let me squint now and they will scream.”


Also the one suspender.

Having said that, this photo of him staring down Bieber might be the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

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