The Vampire Diaries shoots in Atlanta. So does The Hunger Games. And somehow Nina Dobrev and Liam Hemsworth found themselves together at a bar on Friday where someone creeped a photo of them – see below:

According to onlookers at the pub, they kissed three times when they were leaving. Like romance kisses and not friend kisses. So now the story is that they’re probably hooking up. They’ve met before at award shows and parties but there was never anything more until now. You into this?

I’m into it.

I’m into it like a perv who’s into two hot people getting together. I’m into it for the profile. These two are at about the same level on the fame scale so neither one is dating down, neither one is dating up. What I’m not into is that Nina is too nice to get f-cked around on Oscar weekend at a house party with January Jones.

Then again, it’s all about expectation. If Nina’s looking for some casual action – and after coming off a serious relationship, why shouldn’t she – well, I feel like Liam Hemsworth is really good for that, non?