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Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 12, 2012 17:18:22 January 12, 2012 17:18:22

Look, I have a lot of love for Nina Dobrev. Yes, because sheΓÇÖs Canadian but also because sheΓÇÖs fiercely Canadian, meaning she hasnΓÇÖt forgotten, like so many of them do. Etalk has been with Nina from the beginning of her career. Now sheΓÇÖs the star of a big hit U.S. TV show and when we see her at events, she still always stops for us, and not only that, but remembers the names of all our camera guys and all our producers. She is the best. Avril Lavigne for example on the other hand - not the best.

So now you know when I have to say I donΓÇÖt like what Nina is wearing it hurts a lot. Duana actually enjoys this dress and I tried very hard to, but in the end couldnΓÇÖt get there. Just think she could do so much better. The real problem though is the shoes. I like to call this knock off nude even though this is probably super designer that shade is like when high street shops try to imitate luxury brands. Really cheap looking.

But then hereΓÇÖs how Nina bounces back: check her out with boyfriend Ian Somerhalder rushing through LAX right after receiving her PeopleΓÇÖs Choice Award, still wearing her dress having had no time to change.  ThatΓÇÖs Nina. She just rolls with it, right back to work, totally not precious about being a glamorous celebrity with special needs and requests.

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