They’re all in New York. Yes, even Miss Sophia in head to toe red. And Dame Judi Dench looking sharp in stripes. All of them in New York for the Nine junket, all of them gamely doing press in support of the film including one-on-one interviews for a long list of television outlets, print round tables, breakfast events…and more.

They say there can be drama, but there can also be so much reward. No one wants to be left out. No one wants to do less than anyone else. Which is why no one says NO to anything. And this is clearly the case for the female cast of Nine.

So here they are – Nicole Kidman, Fergie, Kate Hudson in a chic blue suit, and Penelope Cruz rolling up with my Marion Cotillard last night at the Pippa Lee screening. Glorious. Love it so much when girls are friends. Some girls.

THESE girls.

What a list. Only Fergie and Kate Hudson haven’t won Oscars. Please. Must see.

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