Multigenerational girl bonding last night in London at Cipriani. The ladies of Nine went out for dinner: Kate Hudson, Fergie, my Marion Cotillard, even Dame Judi Dench… and holding court – none other than the legendary Sophia Loren!

Look at her! Still so magnificent!

Missing cast members from the evening gossip session? Penelope Cruz who can be excused because she’s already proven herself a girl’s girl (Salma Hayek) and of course… Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman who needs to pretend to feed Sunday. Because booking back to back to back film gigs is exactly how you spend time with the baby you worked so hard to conceive.

Or maybe Gran just doesn’t do well in a girls’ girl environment, especially girls who are younger, and sexier, and don’t feel intimidated by Australia’s princess. Kate Hudson wouldn’t take her sh*t. Never. Kate Hudson would probably tell her to mind her husband. Snort.

No… it’s enough that Granny must endure these girls at work. She’d never socialise with them after.

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