Laura is prepping for the Nine junket. We’ve been watching footage all day. She’s sending Ben. Pout.

Something we learned in research:

Katie Holmes was rumoured to have auditioned for it and lost out to Penelope Cruz.

Please. Like she could have held up against these ladies. Even Granny Freeze.

But Penelope. Woah Penelope. Penelope looks like she took it all the way and kept going. Penelope was on Jay Leno this week promoting the film. Photos attached.

This clip… have you seen it? Kate Hudson. Damn. Surprising Kate Hudson. Stunning. The visuals are pure Rob Marshall. And of course…there’s DDL, Sophia, Dame Judi, my Marion…

The video builds and builds and the goosebumps come on hard.

Nine opens wide December 25. Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait.



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