Love movie trailers. Hate getting to a movie late because I hate missing the trailers. Don’t understand why people complain about trailers. Even bad trailers. Bad trailers are 2 and a half minutes of saving your time later on. And you get to talk sh-t about it. What’s the problem?

Two trailers were released online yesterday. First, Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher’s No Strings Attached which, please, to me, will always be the title of an ‘N Sync album. Bye Bye Bye. But I think I like It’s Gonna Be Me better. For a boy band, it’s expected. For a movie, it’s terrible. And this movie, although directed by Ivan Reitman, with a great supporting cast that includes Mindy Kaling (yay!) and Greta Gerwig (we need to give Greta much more love), and Olivia Thirlby (her too), looks terrible too. Mostly because Ashton Kutcher is in it. And also the way they cut the clip.

Or maybe not. Maybe it’s one of those that will surprise you, will be cliché but kinda cute, and funny and sweet too. Just... it doesn’t look that way right now. And um, did I mention Ashton Kutcher is in it?

It’s a baffling choice for Portman, one I wonder if she’ll end up regretting, especially considering the release date January 2010. That’s right in the thick of it, right in the heat of award season where she’s expected to contend for Best Actress. You know, that Norbit thing.

It’s not like I’m opposed to romantic comedy though. I don’t hate the trailer for Just Go With It. The title, definitely. It’s awful. But the preview isn’t bad. Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler bounce well off each other, the timing seems there, and it’s yet another opportunity for Aniston to waltz around in a great wardrobe showing off her body. At this point it’s probably part of her contract. Just Go With It is due in February.

And just because it’s in my head. OMG Justin’s outfit.