Tom Brady had the best weekend. But then again, why wouldn’t he? It’s Tom Brady. When isn’t it “the best” for him? So he was at Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby on Saturday afternoon. Then on Saturday night he was in Vegas for the fight. Remember what I wrote earlier about the grand magnum of showing off? Tom Brady won that game. He wins every game! 

But tonight, the MET Gala game…

No Gisele and Tom?!?

No kiss?

They always kiss.

And there’s always some hand on ass too. And they look, as always, perfect. Perfection. Are we missing perfection this year? Because Gisele was in Korea today. Is it possible to show up in Korea and then be back in New York by early evening? I mean it’s not Louisville to Las Vegas. But on a private jet, it can be done, non?