Was it always like this with Jennifer Love Hewitt and she was just better at hiding it before? Or did she grow into being a loser gradually? I watched Party Of Five. Back then I thought she was so interesting and sweet and pretty and engaged to Carson Daly and not pathetic and crazy. This is the downside of accessibility.

These are just some of JLH’s highlights. I don’t have the patience for the full list:

On her birthday she dressed up like Audrey Hepburn and called the paps to meet her at Tiffany - click here if you need a refresher.

She tricks out her vagina - click here if you need a refresher on vajazzling.

She begged Adam Levine to go out with her.

And now...

She’s telling Chelsea Handler it would be “amazeballs” to receive a “happy ending”. The video is below. So, you know, if “amazeballs” is part of your vernacular - and I really hope it isn’t it/never was - now would be the time to stop using it.

Attached - JLH on Extra yesterday. Just because you play a stripper, does it mean your hair has to be straightened like one in real life? I’m not sure why she isn’t wearing gel nails with a French manicure and a tracksuit.