This is that crying wolf lesson, isn’t it? Why lying doesn’t pay in the long run? Lindsay Lohan didn’t grow up with a mother to teach her that one. As a result, even when she does go into the hospital for something legitimate and not drug related, no one believes her.

Just like no one believed her when she went into the hospital 3 years ago for a week and came out 25 pounds lighter after a bout of “exhaustion”. Just like no one has believed her every time she’s been sick. Or every time her mother opens her mouth.

Which is a shame.

Because when she actually does tell the truth, of course she is immediately met with not only scepticism but straight up doubt.

Thing is, I do believe her this time. Not only because lesbian Lilo is like totally my new favourite but also because, well, because it’s true.

Lilo hit up the hospital the other day with SamRo behind her. The reason – trouble breathing due to asthma. Nothing smutty about it. Until they got home. Word from Paris, where they stopped in before heading to Cannes a couple of weeks ago, is that these two are loud. They fight loudly, they make up loudly.

Hot, non?

Here’s Lindsay shopping without Samantha Ronson the day after her trip to the ER.

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