For real. No one gave a sh*t. She posed for the still photographers and then slowly headed up the stairs hoping the tv and print outlets would care and maybe, maybe stopped for one or two but while other stars pretended they couldn’t hear the cries of reporters begging for an interview, Emmy Rossum tried so hard to make eye contact, imploring us with her insipid doe eyes to make her feel like someone important. Problem was… no one wanted to MISS anyone important by talking to Emmy Rossum.

She also wasn’t attended by anyone save for a publicist who seemed eager to greet her next client. Like Anna Wintour would EVER have offered to style her for the occasion. Rossum… please!

And then, like a gift from Xenu, on the landing just as she was passing me, Emmy tripped on her dress. We were only 20 minutes into it but I could have gone home perfectly satisfied.

Yes. I’m going to hell. See you there.

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