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Best story of the day so far.

Who are the two most hard up attention-whore members of the Twilight cast?

Definitely Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene. It’s like they’re trying to Out-Try each other every day. Kellan poses in a tree with a book. Ashley will throw it back in his face by taking off her clothes in a magazine, or dating a Vagina Virgin. Sometimes it’s hard to decide which one is more desperate, although Ashley just lunged to claim the title ...

Word is she tried to market herself in Miami for NYE celebrations, charging a fee to show up at a random party. Her asking price was $30,000.

Sit DOWN Ashley Greene.

No, really, that’s what they told her.

Apparently there were no takers because no one thinks she’s worth it.

Did you know that that The Situation person from Jersey Shore charges about $25K to hang out somewhere in Vegas on a regular not special occasion weekend? His value will probably triple on NYE. And they’ll pay it.

But Ashley Greene...

Ashley Greene has been rejected for a measly $30K. Because...well...

Who the f-ck is Ashley Greene?

She’s the one pretending she’s enjoying the Jonas thigh thickness wrapped around her.

Still don’t know who you’re talking about.

And that, gossips, is why her rep countered with this weak explanation:

"Ashley turned down numerous offers for New Year's gigs so that she could spend the holiday not working and with her friends."

Sure she did.

Photos attached of Ashley with Joe Jonas in New York recently.

Photos from Ahmad & Saleem Elatab/

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