Check out Johnny’s awesome shoes. He wore them on the carpet at The Tourist premiere but also earlier in the day with jeans and a plaid shirt around town, signing autographs, Johnny being Johnny – chill, enigmatic, gracious... but no one-on-one camera time with the Jolie?

I have looked. I have spent a good 15 minutes on several photo agencies. And while there are a few pictures of Johnny and Angelina sandwiching the director of the movie, having a great time, I’ve yet to find a shot of the film’s two megastars, in a movie together for the first time, side by side on their own. This article will be posted at 10:30am ET/7:30am ET. By now, if they exist, at the very least Getty Images should have a few. There are none so far.

Since when do a film’s two leads not pose together at the premiere?

It’s weird, non?

Relax your ass, Brangelunatics. I’m not saying they don’t get along. I’m just saying that they made a conscious decision to avoid making the images available either because they don’t want to detract from the movie’s imagery, or because they want to avoid the rumour mongering, or both.

Or... perhaps they have posed together, but those photos are being held back for extra value, because of their rarity.

Needless to say then, there are also no photos – at press time – of the three of them together. Three of the biggest names in entertainment, the most recognisable names, at the same event, and nothing...

Whatever the reason, Depp and Jolie, currently promoting a movie with high expectations, decided not to give up the money shot last night. From a publicity point of view, it’s a total head scratcher.

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