Not depressed enough this week?

How about watching a video of 10 year old Noie or Noah whatever Cyrus, JailBait v 2.0, miming Ke$ha’sTik Tok ... and somehow this found its way onto YouTube. Don’t bother asking what the f-ck her folks are up to.

It’s not as offensive, I guess, as the time she worked a pole, or dressed like a working girl for Halloween, and I’m sure she’s not the only 10 year old to lipsynch to pop music. That’s not what’s uncomfortable about this video. What’s uncomfortable about this video is The Want.

She wants it so hard.

Check the way she has mastered the upclose to the camera technique, how intoxicated she is by the camera, the expression on her face when the beat slows down and she’s staring down the screen.

It’s BEYOND precocious. It’s something else entirely. It’s living through being watched. And still these people continue to support this family.

PS. I can’t figure out her name. Is it Noah or Noie? I bet you it’s Noie.

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