And all those ambitious parents on Toddlers & Tiaras, all of them are taking notes, admiring the latest move by the Cyruses who have written the definitive book on raising JailBait, following up their Miley masterpiece with what could very well be the Mona Lisa of all JailBait...

Take a look at 9 year old Noah Cyrus at Jamie Lee Curtis's Halloween party on Saturday dressed as...

Underage Box?

Available soon at Walmart for $19.99.

Look at that face. There's the familiar hunger. The same hunger for fame, the unmistakable thirst for attention we've seen already from every Lohan, an insidious craving sweeping through a generation, producing kids who would rather be called "special" than called "smart".

Everyone wants to be special.

What do you do with special? Special has no function. And this is why they're all so useless. Useless twats everywhere.

Meryl Streep's mother told her she was Capable. Not Special but Capable.

They don’t care about Capable.

I hate people.

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