Since I’m going to hell already I’ll say it for you – the little one’s voice is just as annoying as her older sister. Of course it’s a Cyrus. What else could it be?

You’ve already enjoyed the sight of Noah Cyrus working a pole and her Halloween costume left nothing to be desired. But there’s more. Of course there’s more. Trash is self sustaining. Somehow it multiplies all by itself.

The video is below. Taken backstage at one of JailBait Miley’s recent shows. Noah Cyrus desperately wants the spotlight. The unmistakable hunger is all over her face. And the attention she receives while dropping an impromptu performance of Akon’s SMACK THAT while suggestively moving her hips and fondling her ass is like oxygen and blood and all the bodily essentials. She is LIVING. She is ALIVE. They have raised them to crave this, no matter the cost.

Note that Noah is surrounded by sycophants, and her own sister, shouting encouragement. Note also that this was shot in a highly secure area, which would mean that this came from a Cyrus Camp sanctioned camera, and therefore a Cyrus sanctioned online post.

They find nothing wrong with this. In 3 years, this will be ready for mass market, more millions, and a bright future, just in case JailBait version 1.0 starts smoking crack with Lindsay Lohan. Version 2.0 is ready to strip at a moment’s notice.

Meanwhile, while you may be horrified at this display of underage skank, warm your heart with the thought that hundreds of thousands of people out there are experiencing the opposite reaction. They are preparing for pageant school and auditions, another day lining up at the mall, hoping to see a talent agent, pushed by parents who want this Cyrus dream, fueled by the belief that their child is more “special” than most. These days they learn how to dirty dance before they learn how to read.

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