Evangeline Lily. She is Canadian. I think she’s gorgeous – even lovelier in person. But holy sh-t, whenever she gives an interview, she’s almost as nauseating as my Gwyneth. Except she’s not Gwyneth.

First it was her beauty – she claimed it was a burden, has been a burden all her life. She described her distress when men gawked, she talked about how it made her feel, how demeaning it was, how cheap she felt.

TOTALLY makes sense.

But here’s the thing: when I can’t sleep, late at night, I turn on the tv. And without fail, whenever I turn on the tv late at night, there’s Evangeline Lily, telling me to call her on LiveLinks Chat. See for yourself – click here

So… does one jive with the other?

Next – new interview, new comments. Evangeline on working as a flight attendant before hitting it big:
"The worst job. That job has no redeeming qualities. I didn"t like the people. I didn"t like the destinations. I didn"t like the recycled air, the crappy food. (Or) the fact that they tell you, before you start your job, to buy your shoes two sizes too big because your feet swell."

Girl needs an attitude adjustment, don’t you think?

Always amuses me when celebrities hit it big and try to reinvent their history. Especially when they come from small town conservative and up and leave their husbands as soon as things get rolling.

But she’s so pretty and she’s on a hit show, who cares about the past? That"s an acceptable excuse, right?