Written by Sarah

The BAFTAs represent Noomi Rapace’s most prominent recognition for her work as Lisbeth Salander in the Millennium Trilogy, specifically The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. If you didn’t see the Swedish trilogy, Noomi is amazing. It’s a revelation, the once-in-a-lifetime break that catapults an actor into international stardom. And Noomi has capitalized on her Millenium success, landing roles in Sherlock Holmes 2 and the highly-anticipated Aliens spinoff/prequel from Ridley Scott, Prometheus. Noomi also has a project coming up with Ben Kingsley. She’s a very busy lady these days.

But award attention has been pretty skint, which is sad as her performance in Dragon Tattoo was amazing. The BAFTAs, though, singled Noomi out and Dragon Tattoo won Best Foreign Language film. It was Noomi’s night to shine, which she did, literally, in a metallic dress. She didn’t win because Natalie Never is unstoppable, but at least someone recognized Noomi.

God I love Noomi’s face so much. So exotic, so strong, and so beautiful without being fake or manufactured. I can’t wait to see what she can do in English-language films. Judging by the amount and quality of work being sent her way, industry expectations are riding pretty high. I feel like my girl Noomi can handle it. She’s been crafty and deliberate with her choices in her crossover career, careful enough that there’s a strategy to how she’s rolling out. Care and deliberation usually pay off, especially when combined with talent. Last night, though, was Noomi’s moment to be Noomi and show us a glimpse of what she could be in the future.

Photos from Ian Gavan/Gettyimages.com