The cover of the new issue of FASHION Magazine has been taken over by a member of the Twilight New Moon cast. Noot Seear is Canadian, from Vancouver, and holy f-cking sh-t what a goddamn face. It would have to be, right? Heidi in the book is the ultimate draw: ridiculously beautiful and irresistibly sexy.

That’s Noot.

She’s just moved to LA from New York recently, her modelling days behind her, now pursuing an acting career.

The modelling anecdotes are amazing though. One day backstage at a fashion show, Noot accidentally put on Naomi Campbell’s gold panties instead of her own.

Can you imagine? The Swears? The terror? Her life flashing before her eyes?

Thanks God” there was no cell phone around. Or Noot would have received a serious beatdown to the head.

Also, one day she was told to leave a photo shoot because she was too fat.

That industry is so f-cked.

More on Noot in the new FASHION on stands now.