GQ celebrated their Men Of The Year at a party at Chateau Marmont last night. There are, like, 80 thousand pictures of Justin Timberlake at the event.

You know how many of Michael Fassbender?

10 in Getty Images which is the largest photo agency with the most access.


Of those 10 photos, only 2 of them are stock. Which means the other 8 were taken by premium shooters with an added fee to publish. So I had to spend extra money on the two shots of him with Eli Roth and Rose McGowan and the rest are too expensive for my budget.

But this didn’t have to happen.

We could have, and should have, been looking at at least 2 dozen great images of Fassy at no additional cost. IF those photographers had bothered. Instead, they blew their jizz on the likes of JT and Jessica Biel who was also there and was photographed much, much, much more than Fassy.

So to make it up to you I’m also including shots of Fassy last weekend with Steve McQueen at the Governor’s Awards. Hopefully he’ll be posing next to Oscar again in February with his very own nomination. And those photographers will finally REALISE, for f-ck’s sake, that Fassy >>>>>>>>>> Pippy.

PS. Are you worried about Fassy and Rose McGowan? Oh but why? They would devour each other, dirtily. Why turn down that kind of sex?