Images for use exclusively on courtesy FLYNET Images. August 8th. She went to yoga in Vancouver. Then reported to work. Practically an open set on Broadway at the Hollywood Theatre in Vancouver. Fans, extras, two pubs nearby - a frickin" spectacle. Rachel was shy but lit up when a fan shouted out her name. Very sweet. Not sure if you want to know this but you said you wanted all the details here goes. She also smokes on occasion. Was seen a few times in the car over the course of the last few days with a ciggie in hand. But also endearing, especially when she gamely walked out in slippers along a needle infested alley off Hastings. See attached. Total gorgessity, non? Look at that face! And then Pierce. A true rock star by all accounts. Playing it up for the crowd, take after take, cheekily asking for feedback, undeterred by the rowdy Irish hootin" away at the bar next door. And interestingly enough, when he was begged by onlookers to do a little "Bond", his response was: "Never again, those days are over."