Novak the Clown

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 23, 2009 14:44:00 June 23, 2009 14:44:00

Wimbledon started this week so we’re seeing some tennis pics being snapped by our photo agencies. Gives me a reason to post something about a topic where my head is only half way up my *ss and not fully.

Here’s world no. 4 ranked Novak Djokovic checking out some chick walking past him at his practice session earlier today. He won his first match against some French dude on Monday and is on to the second round.

I didn’t care much for the guy until Lainey and I stumbled across this video of him doing impressions of his peers a while back. You don’t have to be a hardcore tennis fan to recognize some of the impressions he does but it helps to have seen a few highlights. The guy is hilarious. Turn up the volume a little if you can cause his buddy calls out some of the names before he does them.


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