Well… you can’t say she doesn’t have a type: Andy Samberg, Adam Brody, now Fabrizio Moretti – fresh off his split from Drew Barrymore – and Adrian Grenier too, side by side in a line up turned around… you really can’t tell them apart. But the way Us Weekly is making it sound, my Kiki is desperate – or in their words…”lonely”. Which explains the man-a-week month of January: Adam on January 6, sneaking out of Adrian Grenier’s on January 21st and lunch with Fab on January 22nd with whom she supposedly “wants it to be more”…all because she still isn’t right since splitting from Jakey G two years ago, and who could blame her, really? Word is Jake adored her, word is she figured it out too late, by then he was gone and he wasn’t coming back. Still… from the 4 options above, I’d have to say Grenier for sure. Rationale? Andy: rising comedian, ego too fragile Fab: rebounding musician – enough said Adam: ummm…he’s a child??? Adrian: old enough, arty enough, chill enough, famous enough, not famous enough, and reasonably attractive but not overwhelmingly so. Conclusion: Kiki and Adrian Grenier… Love, love, love Us Weekly and Source