As the world anxiously awaits the activation of the Jolie Pitt wonder twins the tabloids, the richest ones are in the process of bidding for the exclusive 1st photos.

You will recall the chosen one Shilo"s photos went for a reported $5 - 6M. OK magazine and People magazine are now driving up the cost of the wonder twins photos and reportedly according to TMZ have now landed at 15M dollars and climbing. Both magazines will not confirm that this is the amount that is being offered and the Pitts aren"t talking either but chances are they will take the money and of course donate it to charity.

Having said that, this sure leaves a bad taste in peoples’ mouths because you can interpret it as profiting even though you"re donating from your children, which is why I always say those 2 magic words - matching funds. If they match any amount that they receive from selling their children"s photographs that contribution would be doubled to of course the organisation of their choice and that level of philanthropy is truly ground breaking.

Hopefully they"re listening. Matching funds is the way to go.

Voice to text by SpinVox
File photos from Wenn