As mentioned during the Globes wrap-up, Cameron Diaz looked decidedly uncomfortable sitting next to her bestie Drew Barrymore the other night. Can’t say I blame her. Drew was so cranked up and blown out, any friend would worry.

OK Magazine is now reporting that at an afterparty at the Sunset Tower the two barely spoke to each other and stayed on opposite ends of the room. The article is totally believable…until, like most tabloids, they overreached and topped off the story with one final detail to send it into the realm of bullsh-t.

According to OK! Leonardo DiCaprio is now taking sides and he’s standing firmly on Drew’s because supposedly when Cam came towards him at the even, he turned on his heel and practically ran away from her.

Um. No.

Cam and Leo are tight. They’ve been tight since Gangs of New York. They’re tighter than they let on. And I’m told she is constantly trying to set his BFF Lukas Haas up with a revolving door of ladies she thinks he should marry.

For reals.

OK! is claiming that the disconnect between Cam and Drew is resulting from Cam spending too much time with her boyfriend Paul Sculfor and Drew is calling her out for not being a constant friend.


F-ck. You really think they’d do their research, non?

Because it’s the same. It’s the same as it’s always been.

Cam was like that with Justin. Drew was like that with… all of them. This is how these two girlfriends make it work. All the time. It’s not the first time.

So does that discredit the entire OK! article? Probably not. There was indeed tension between the two, and there continues to be, as Drew’s schedule and the pressure of producing and directing and managing a million things at once are taking their toll.

But then again, according to Lily Allen, anything in moderation, is totally fine.

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