Brilliant story-making by OK! Magazine this week.

Babies sell. Two famous babies sell double.

The Chosen One + Little Sci = MiniVan Majority Orgasm

Details inside are likely full of sh-t but whatever. You’ll be too busy drooling over the little girl photos to care.

So supposedly the Brange and the Crazies met up at the Globes in January. They got to chatting about their kids. No offence to you mothers out there, but for someone who doesn’t have kids, these are most boring conversations…EVER. They might even be boring to those who actually DO have kids. I have a girlfriend who routinely calls me, begging me to talk about anything but pregnancy, breast feeding, sleeping, napping, feeding, training, day care, why this mother at the playgroup is stupid, why that child at the swimming lesson will be a bully, which parent class coach is the best, and on and on and on. I am happy to oblige and she sucks up our discussion like a crack pipe.

Sorry. I digress.

Needless to say, Earth Mother Angie can’t get enough of kid talk. And according to OK! they’ve decided to set up a play date…meaning they haven’t actually met yet, although from the looks of the cover and everything else, you would have thought it’d already happened, right?

It’ll be a tea party, apparently. And Miss Zahara, hopefully, will bring her throne and yell at them the entire time. I want to be invited.

Suddenly there’s a new Most Sought After Photo on the market. Shiloh and Suri playing? At least a million dollars. But don’t let the other non white children spoil the picture.

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