Octavia Spencer/Eliza Coupe To Save TV

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There are so few things in life that a person can feel %100 good about. French fries, sunshine, even Beyonce -- most things that are ostensibly pure have a destructive and evil side. BUT we’ve got some news today that can do nothing but spread joy and cheer across the land – Octavia Spencer is going to star in a reboot of…MURDER…SHE WROTE!

It’s like…you know that thing where Ryan Murphy tries to make a show for/about gay stuff, so he just takes every single gay thing on Earth – Kathy Bates, teen witches, Dylan McDermott’s ass, etc., etc., etc. – and forces those things so unnaturally into one TV show that even things you thought you once loved dearly, like Connie Britton, lose all their power? You know that thing?! This is the opposite of that.

Octavia Spencer is talented, she’s funny, she’s beautiful, she’s effortless and now she’s J.B. Fletcher – well, actually, they haven’t confirmed if the character will be exactly the same. No matter which way they go though, this is a formula for such watchable television. Imagine Octavia investigating the death of a supermodel at the Paris couture shows! Picture Octavia bringing down an evil family matriarch on a stormy night in Nantucket! It’s perfect.

Other awesome TV news this week is that Eliza Coupe has been cast in her own sitcom. This is obviously less of a sure thing than Octavia’s casting, but Eliza was hilarious on Happy Endings and never really got the attention she deserved before that show died its premature death. I could never really get a read on what TV people thought generally thought of her, so I guess this is my answer. What about you guys, are you pro or con Eliza?

Attached: Octavia at the 17th annual Hollywood Film Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on October 21, 2013.


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