Brad Pitt took his oldest Maddox music shopping yesterday. They bought a guitar and an amplifier. This fuels my dreams of a Celebrity Offspring Rock Band starring MJP as the founding member.

Should we screenplay this fantasy?

The son of Hollywood’s Royal Couple starts a super group after falling in love with the daughter of another star union. He calls it First Sons & Daughters. The only problem - her mom used to date his dad. And the guy on drums, appropriately named Rocco, doesn’t get along with both his parents and his girlfriend’s parents. Rounding out the four-piece is the wild child son of two well known musicians. Kingston is probably the most talented of them all but he’s constantly threatening to go solo. Suri Cruise meanwhile keeps trying to get in on the action, having been personally trained by her father and Celine Dion. Crushing hard on Roc, whose mother keeps trying to join the group, Suri convinces him that his skills are being neglected. Will Maddox be able to hold it together? Can he keep the parents from interfering? Why can’t he stop thinking about the girl with the glasses and Violet eyes? How will he manage his music life, his love life, and still make it to the Super Bowl to play the half time show?

Still trying to think of a role for Shiloh. Am thinking she can be a roadie.