There’s nothing like it.

Michelle, Duana, and I were on a trip in Europe a couple of years ago along with a group of Russian journalists. Jesus. The drama. Every day they’d roll in late, they’d hold up the bus, they’d clean out the minibar and fight over the cheque, within five minutes of entering an establishment they’d have a bankroller hooked up to pay for their drinks. It was amazing. We were obsessed.

Which is why we should all be looking forward to what comes next. Mel Gibson is done with his Russian piece. But oh no motherf-cker, she is not done with him. Oksana gave a press conference yesterday and revealed that:

“I can tell you that (Mel & I) have split up, suddenly and recently. Unfortunately, I cannot give you the reason. But you will find out everything quite soon. Here is the official version: We split up by mutual consent and we will raise our daughter together. She is currently with my mother in my Los Angeles home.”

Now this, THIS is some masterful golddigging. This is no rookie move. This is baby mother manipulation Russian-styles. And there is a lot at stake. Like, you know Mel Gibson built his own church, right? People who build their own churches aren’t mere millionaires. This is chump change. Money, that’s where it hurts. And he already has 7 children from his first marriage. There is an epic battle ahead. Smell it.

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