We will be shutting down our old mobile site this weekend.  As most of you are aware, we launched a new, touch-friendly mobile site not long ago but some of you are still visiting the old one.  We initially kept the old site active because people were still using older devices that didn’t handle the new one very well, but the data is telling us it’s time to shut that version of the site down now.  So if you’re still visiting that old site and don’t want to miss your gossip on Monday, please take these steps to make sure you’re going to the right one:

 - Go your browsing data and delete all LaineyGossip cookies/data
 - Delete your old bookmark
 - Once you've done that, open a fresh browser window and just go to  www.laineygossip.com with no ‘/mobile’ after it.  Your browser will render the new      mobile site

If you’re not sure which mobile site you’re seeing, this is the old mobile site:

This is the new one:

Thanks and have a great weekend!