As mentioned the other day, am currently OBSESSED with Russians. Those who’ve screened Quantum of Solace say Olga Kurylenko is explosively sexy. Word is, between Bond girls in the new film, Olga > Gemma Arterton hands down and Olga certainly owned Gemma last night on the carpet.

This red dress is ridiculous. And so Russian! Loves!

Gemma on the other hand… oh la, what to say? Not even Gisele Bundchen could make this sh-t work. Ok, maybe Gisele Bundchen, but Gemma’s no Gisele. Obviously.

In terms of attitude – you’d think it would be Olga to tear up the night and end up yelling for extra vodka at dawn, right?

Olga was actually the more gracious of the two at the event. Much more personable and friendly in contrast to Gemma’s self consciousness. Well then don’t wear that dress, you know?

Also, Olga (and Dame Judi too) skipped the afterparty while Gemma stayed til the bitter, bitter, bitter end, long after all celebrities had taken off, something that’s being frowned upon by Brits. It’s much too accessible, isn’t it?

Unlike the Russian who disappeared into the night leaving us to wonder…where are you Olga?

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