I don’t think we’ve talked about this too much. I have a thing for these two together. Like a hot thing. It might have something to do with the fact that I was in a customs line with them in Vancouver a couple of years ago when they first hooked up. It had to have been early in the relationship. They had that had a sexual tension between them that felt super fresh. He could not stop looking at her. I could not stop wanting to be her. Olivia Munn in person, without make up on? Gorgeous. Not in an Angelina Jolie, untouchable, otherworldly way. I can’t find the word for Olivia Munn. I want to say “touchable” but I don’t want to sound pervy. But that’s what it is. Like, she’s so attractive you want to feel her. OK that’s totally pervy.

As for Kinnaman…

I prefer him to Alexander Skarsgard if we’re talking Swedes. He has some sh-tty angles but I dunno, he does it for me so much more. Maybe it’s her.

Kinnaman is the new Robocop and she’s joined him for the press tour. They held hands at LAX and they’re in Paris holding hands again and I cannot stop looking.