Here’s Olivia Munn arriving in Vancouver today to resume work on The Predator. Last week I posted about how it’s being suggested that she and Aaron Rodgers broke up because “she’s controlling”, on top of all that drama with his family, and how people assumed that she was big bad bitch who came between a nice wholesome all-American boy and his parents. That certainly doesn’t explain why, now that he and Olivia aren’t together anymore, the other ARod is still all about Hollywood though. And working out with celebrities instead of with his team. Maria brought up a good point last week when we were all emailing back and forth about (the other) Hollywood ARod. Remember when Olivia and Aaron went to the Oscars last year?

She was the presenter. He was the plus one. So for all those people onside with the Rodgers family trying to blame the actress c-nt for keeping him from his kin, I’d ask them to consider Aaron’s motivations because the way I read it, QB1 sounds like a garden variety starf-cker. For what it’s worth, I’m told by one of my sources that the reason Olivia and Aaron broke up is because he allegedly cheated on her. He’s an ATHLETE. One of the top athletes in his game. Why wasn’t this one of the first explanations we talked about?!?

As for Olivia and The Predator, it might be the most important project of her career so far. I know, you’re thinking… The Predator? But here’s why – the director is Shane Black. And that makes all the difference. Shane Black is Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Bang. Iron Man 3. Lethal Weapon. The Nice Guys. So it’s not a small deal, to be in a Shane Black movie. If the other ARod is a starf-cker, he may be the one, in the end, with the regrets.