There were photos that were published online last week allegedly of Olivia Munn in various compromising positions. Whatever. I mean at this point it’s routine. The difference though between Munn’s purported shots and the others were the captions.

The supposed Munn pictures were accompanied by the most hilarious texts. Like in the spirit of:

Give me your thick dick and put it right here.

I’m soaking wet and ready for you so when are you gonna take it?

You get the idea. I don’t remember the exact wording and I don’t want to be googling that sh-t at Starbucks but I promise you, the real version was equally as... indelicate.

In response to the scandal, Olivia posted this photo and letter to Twitter, making light of the situation:

@OliviaMunn your SXSW letter and picture. on Twitpic

Not a bad way to deal with it. And points for doing so with a sense of humour. Kinda cool, right?

Well... for about 5 minutes.

Until she killed the cool by RETWEETING the people complimenting her for being cool. Example:

HuffPost Celebrity ‏ @HuffPostCeleb
The hilarious @oliviamunn officially responds (sic) to those fake nude photos

As I’ve noted several times already, nothing is more UNcool than this kind of retweeting on Twitter. Nothing underminds irreverence like broadcasting the validation of said irreverence. This is what happens when vanity comes before wit.

Attaching - Olivia Munn at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in one of the WORST dresses of the night. Big victory for Jessica Biel.