It ain’t easy, OK? It’s not easy to get out there when you’re that big and pregnant and wear something that’s supposed to be an approximation of “glam”. But you do it because you’re Olivia Wilde. But what if you f-ck yourself over? What if you choose the ultimate dress …a little too early?

Because come on. That green Gucci that she wore for the Globes was just perfect.

So did she commit an awards season sin and blow her wad? The black Maison Valentino that she wore to the Oscars was simple and elegant and about as stylish as it’s possible to be while trying to smuggle a pony keg under your skin, but it’s not the green Gucci!

So do we focus on that, or do we focus on the fact that in her cohort, she was by far the best of the pregnant ladies and that she and Sudeikis are still making jokes and seem pretty delighted by the whole scenario?

Whyyyy didn’t she save the green Gucci?

(Lainey: interesting that Wilde is wearing Valentino because it reminded me of Julia Roberts’s Oscar winning dress which was… vintage Valentino.)