Olivia Wilde announced her divorce in February. She’s 26 and had been married 8 years. So I guess I don’t blame her for going kinda boy crazy. I mean she looks great, she’s connected, as long as she’s not, like, begging people to stay with her, to love her, to Biel her, it’s hard to argue with the girl’s single summer strategy. I still don’t understand how she finds her way into practically every movie, but I don’t think at this point we can say she’s a Bosworth quite yet.

Anyway, let’s recap her romantic resumé over the last 3 months. First there was that aquarium date with Ryan Gosling, and he visited her in Montreal at least once while she was there shooting a movie. Then there was some late night clubbing with Justin Timberlake in LA – she denied that they’re anything more than friends – and after that there were a few sightings with Jake Gyllenhaal, though they were among friends, and this past weekend she was once again in the company of JT, but also Bradley Cooper was around and two nights later, Monday, at the afterparty for the Hangover Part 2 premiere, apparently the two were “flirty and inseparable”. They spent the whole time side by side and left together, with a group of people, at the end of the night. Coop is going through some sh-t right now. It’s probably not the best idea to get into a serious situation although Olivia seems to be pretty smart about keeping her options open. Please. This is textbook what she’s playing now. This is good taste too. Like, you don’t see her wasting time with a Chace Crawford or something. Some girls would make that mistake, not engage on the right level. This here is a good level.

Photos from Wenn.com