TRON: Legacy premiered in London last night. Both Olivia Wilde and Jeff Bridges were there to support it. Also several members of the Glee cast. But no Garrett Hedlund.

With movie budgets these days, overseas markets are a big deal. The UK market is a big deal. And for the film’s lead not to show...

Well obviously there’s a schedule conflict. There has to be. In November Hedlund was still in Montreal finishing up On The Road. And many of his TRON junket interviews had to take place there. But if I’m his people, responsible for helping him make decisions about his career, going forward the rest of the way, I’m thinking it’s in his best interest to be present at every TRON event, no matter how big or small, especially since the buzz last week was that the movie wasn’t tracking well and might not break $50 million on opening weekend.

Let me put it to you this way: Jackass 3D pulled in $50 million on opening weekend. And Jackass 3D was rated R.

You might be a fan of Garrett Hedlund, and fans are blind sometimes, and prone to blindly defend, and you might get your knickers in a twist and be all like – well Garrett is committed to making his other projects a success because On The Road will reflect his true art, or some sh-t, but let me tell you, this thinking is naive. You don’t put two years of your life into something and then let a schedule snafu get in the way of pushing it. This is what Hollywood people do. They plan in advance. They forecast. They negotiate and work around things. It’s basic. You ask for half a day off. You fly to London, you get your picture taken, you fly back.

I’m just saying Garrett’s management needs to better coordinate his schedule. TRON: Legacy opens on December 17th. Like I said, the next 10 days will have to be about hustle. Shake hands, kiss babies, and let the fans molest you. Anything to get this sh-t going.

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