Olivia Wilde is 26. She’s been married for 8 years. She won’t be married for much longer. It was announced today that Wilde and her husband Tao Ruspoli, some kind of Italian prince, have separated. I mean… in these times… young marriages, they’re not long for this world. Having said that, 8 years can also be seen as a success story, right? I’m coming up on 10 years in November. TEN YEARS. How did that happen?

In Olivia’s case, she keeps trying to make herself happen. As a movie star that is. This girl, she’s in everything. She books so much work. She’s what Jessica Biel wants to be. And yet for all the projects she takes, she’s still not a Name. She’s been in so much more than Blake Lively and Blake Lively is way more famous. Now that she’s single though, I wonder if Phase 2 of becoming a name involves a Movie Star Romance. You know the formula. There’s not enough Olivia Wilde in Us Weekly.

Should we come up with a boyfriend list?

Sigh. But it’s always the usual suspects. Let’s think outside the homeroom for this one. Like a player from another school. Send suggestions!

Attached – Olivia and Tao in happier times. Oh and Olivia and Ryan Gosling from the Globes…just to wake you up a little.

Photos from Frazer Harrison/Kevork Djansezian/Brad Barket/Gettyimages.com