It’s that time of year again. It’s the time of year when we all ask ourselves if there really is only one pumpkin patch in Los Angeles.

Check out Olivier Martinez and Nahla at the pumpkin patch yesterday. Halle Berry wasn’t there because, as you know, she gave birth to their son on Saturday. Though it’s not yet been confirmed by Halle’s people, according to TMZ, they’re calling him Maceo Robert Martinez. I’ll play Duana here and say it works well with his sister’s name, because, as we’ve all learned from Duana’s name-nerding, Maceo and Nahla complement each other but not too much, like John and Jill.

Also, Maceo is unique enough, but not obnoxiously unique. And it’s traditional but not outdated. Also I prefer it to what Jaime King named her son – James.