Dear Gossips,

The First Monday In May, the documentary about last year’s MET Gala, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival this week. The star of the film, obviously, is Anna Wintour. She apparently oversees every detail and puts a lot of energy into not just who sits where and beside whom but also who sits where and who they can see. The Hollywood Reporter published a great piece last week about the history of MET Gala. Did you know that tickets were once dirt cheap? Like $50. And now? After Anna took over, it’s become big money – a “circus of ambition”. Which is why she’s so particular about the details.

Some gossipy details that have come out so far after screening: they don’t think much of Josh Hartnett over at VOGUE. “What has he done lately? Nothing.”

Also, Andre Leon Talley apparently lost his sh-t at one point because Amal and George Clooney didn’t stop to be interviewed by him.

It’s not all Girl Sh-t though. Last year’s theme was China: Through The Looking Glass. The exhibit ended up breaking attendance records. So I was encouraged to learn from reviews of the documentary that acclaimed filmmaker Wong Kar Wai was brought on as a consultant to make sure Chinese culture wasn’t inappropriately represented. Apparently at one point there’s an intense exchange between Wong and Andrew Bolton, curator of the Costume Institute, about clothing from the Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

I can’t wait to see it. But I also can’t find any showtimes in my area. Tonight’s show though is Rihanna.

Yours in gossip,