I posted yesterday about Jamie Foxx in Toronto while Katie Holmes is in town shooting The Kennedys After Camelot. Jamie’s photo was posted on Twitter at the airport, likely heading to Montreal. Connecting flight or was he in Toronto already? That resulted in so many emails from so many of you confirming that Jamie was in Toronto at least two days before flying out, seen several times in Yorkville and also downtown. Far as I know there’s no official work reason for Jamie to be in Toronto. The only reason, seemingly, is Katie Holmes. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Oh come on. Big conspiracy. A three year conspiracy, actually. Just last month, E! posted a “forensic” overview of their “mysterious relationship”, positing that no one can decide if they are or aren’t a thing. Celebrities don’t just come to Toronto to hang like they do in New York or Miami or whatever. Jamie Foxx being in Toronto is probably the best sign we’ve had in a while that something is still up between these two.